On this page you'll find a handy overview of all the digital tools you may need during your time with us at VIVES. All of the tools are avaible in English, although in some cases the front page will be in Dutch. Locate the language switch of the application to change the language of the tool.

Toledo is the intranet environment for all VIVES students. Here you will find an overview of all the course units for which you are enrolled and the corresponding courses. You can also contact your instructors there and consult the latest announcements that are part of your programme.

KU Loket is the central place for activating your individual study programme. You will also have access to your timetable and your grades will be made available via this route after you've turned in an assignment or made an exam.

Every student has a VIVES email address. You can consult your email online via the webmail, but also via an email application. We use Microsoft Outlook for our webmail, so when you install the Outlook-app on your smart phone or tablet, you can also read your email messages on your mobile device.

VIVES University of Applied Sciences has set up a partnership with the company Signpost. Group purchases can significantly reduce the cost of the software for our students. On Signpost's Academic Software software platform, VIVES compiles a standard software package. It consists of dozens of software titles, which every VIVES student, regardless of the education or training phase, has to purchase as compulsory learning material. This software can be legally installed and used on the student's PC.

A collaboration room is a classroom focused on group work where you can simply share the screen of your laptop, smartphone or tablet with your fellow students via a television screen.

You need your account to log in to the different online environments used in VIVES. You can also manage your account, change your password (or request a new one if you've forgotten your old one).

LinkedIn Learning is an online training library with hundreds of interesting digital courses, previously known as Lynda.com

As a student you can copy and print on every campus of VIVES. The uniFLOW system allows for a flexible payment system as well as the easy printing of documents.

VIVES University of Applied Sciences has five libraries, one at each of its campuses, in Bruges, Kortrijk, Ostend, Roeselare and Torhout. If you’re doing research for a paper, our friendly staff is always there to help you out. Ask them how they can assist you. Many resources, both books and magazines, are available in English.

VIVES University of Applied Sciences

International Offices:

VIVES Bruges: +32 50 30 52 33

VIVES Kortrijk: +32 56 26 41 64